Health and Wellbeing in the Zone

The Inner Work

Bali Mountain Retreat 2012


You are invited to join Lesley and a group of open and like-minded people for The Inner Work 'AMAZING SPACE RETREAT'
Nestled high on Mt Batukaru in the heart of Bali

Dates: 1-8 September 2012
Venue: Bali Mountain Retreat, Eco Friendly Guesthouse and Retreat Centre, Mt Batukaru, Tabanan, Bali

Theme: 'Remembering & Emergence'
registration is extended until 31 JULY 2012

This will be a very personalised facilitated live-in week Retreat of extraordinary, mysterious unfoldment
~ as your soul is seeking to experience what it knows.

Bali is said to be a land of Angels and Demons, it is here lies the truth …
A truth not told to you but discovered by you …
Experience your very own …

If you are drawn to be part of this 2012 pilgrimage click here for the full brochure, or contact Lesley with your expression of interest and the completed Retreat Registration form [PDF or Word]


Introducing the facilitator ...

Lesley Gewin is based on the island state Tasmania, Australia.  She is founder, owner/operator of ‘Health and Wellbeing in the Zone’.  Her alchemical gift is through ‘The Inner Work’ as a Lifestyle Coach, spiritual intuitive healer and medical professional.
Lesley assists individuals, groups and corporations to fully realise their divine potential and their place in the Divine Plan.  She has travelled to all corners of the globe over the past 12 years and now it is time to lead this 2012 Pilgrimage to Bali, the land of Angels and Demons.
Lesley has always known what her purpose was on planet earth and with more ‘remembering’ she facilitates true alchemy by weaving the energetic patterns of perfection and clearing away blocks and obstacles around circumstances to create a field of unity consciousness personally and for the group.
Lesley says she is deeply humbled and honoured to have been chosen to lead this group and you will know if you are drawn to be part of it; as your soul is seeking to experience what it knows.
Lesley operates directly from an open and divine heart, connected to the Elohim and ascended masters, providing whatever information perfect for  the group and for this moment.  She does have a particular childlike flavour, colourfully and humorous with a sense absurd wit, outside the norm and once you meet her, you never forget her.
So if you are interested in harmonising with one’s own soul, this may be the trip for you …
If you have obstacles, problems, worries, concerns or don’t have the lifestyle you prefer, then give Lesley a call as moving mountains is the easiest thing she does …
It’s called ‘The Inner Work’ …
Phone Lesley +61 409 323 595 ... Email lesley@gewin.org