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My Events - Coming Soon

Hide 'n Seek 


Uniquely designed and tailored to order OR on any or all of the "10 Demandments"


  • 2 hour

  • half day

  • full day

  • 2 day


Public & Private Events 

At Home, Work, School, Prison, Book Fare, Light Workers gathering fact, anywhere

Sacred Light


is an exeriential healing event to assist with years and lifetimes of "Hide 'n Seek".  


Each person's experience is imply that.  You receive what your sould needs.
 Always.  All- ways.



Seek Seminars

Channelled intuitively from 10 Demandments.


Skype 1 hour @ Au$100

Payable @ Paypal



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Little River Primary School, Melbourne

Add Description here


Camel House, Taklamahan

Add Description here


In Jellico Park, San Francisco

Add Description here


With John of God, Brazil

Add Description here


Mana Retreat, Coromandel, NZ

Add Description here


Camel House, Taklamakan

Add Description here


Sydney at the Opera House

I'm an event description. This is a great place to write the details of your event

$ 9.99

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What they say about Lesley...

Lesley catapulted into my life when I was struggling with a serious illness of a child.  Her loving energy, wise words and purity of intent & purpose lifted me out of the gloom.  It gave me a much needed life line. 

Chris Wilson, New Zealand

Lesley is nothing less than a beacon of joy.  She lights up any room or space that she walks into.  She is passionately connected and exhilerated with life; every moment and every step of the journey!"

Heather Cumming -
Daughter of the Casa - John of God,  Brazil

Lesley is a vital part of The New Humanity.  She is a living light in form & actions in a truthful, compassionate, individual way.

Abdy Elecritech,


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